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Rekindle hope, joy, and vitality in just 30 days. Easy, step by step coaching guides you through each day explaining not only what to do, but why it works. Happiness is available just around the corner, start on the pathway today! Hi, my name is Linda and all my life I’ve tried to be optimistic and friendly. I never expected that I would have to deal with depression and social anxiety, but life has a way of throwing us curves that we’re not expecting and for five years I struggled with overwhelming sadness and despair. It was as if I’d fallen into a deep dark pit where sunlight couldn’t enter. My hope, happiness, and zest for life shriveled up and disappeared. There were no windows and no doors in my pit of despair and I lost all hope that I could ever get out. I thought this would be my new permanent reality where the best scenario I could possibly hope for was to successfully endure one day after another after another. Then one day, someone lowered a ladder down into my dark hole and invited me to climb out. I wasn’t sure it would work and I felt too weak and helpless to make the climb, but the idea that there was a possibility of escape made me give it a try. That invitation rekindled a spark of hope which was something I thought was dead forever. That decision to try changed my life. Hope, happiness, and a zest for life reawakened and life is good again. It’s very good. It’s almost as if that episode of darkness was just a really long, bad dream. I could move forward and forget the whole thing ever happened, but there’s one problem with that plan. I know that there are other people who are still stuck in deep, dark wells of hopelessness and despair and I know what that feels like. I want to offer a ladder of hope to as many people as possible and extend an invitation to climb out with the assurance that there is healing and happiness available if we reach for it.


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