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These courses are not just about learning new information, but practicing and applying new skills. We learn, grow, and change by doing.  I’ll guide you through a complete action plan of simple, consistent exercises that can change your life

30 Days to a better marriage

30 Days To A Better Marriage

30 days to a better marriage

Everybody knows that a marriage can deteriorate, but not everybody knows that a marriage can also be rejuvinated.  Regardless of the current state of your marriage, an investment of just 30 days will make it better.

Course includes ebook, daily videos, charts, instructions and worksheets.


A very personal honest and insightful journey of self-reflection and emotional healing.

– Troy & Sara

My favorite thing about this is the detail it gives of the various tools… It has caused me to think differently in ways that are affecting my own inner happiness.

– David

This was life changing, deepening my vision as to how we can truly learn and become better.


It makes me understand other people in my life and makes me feel empowered to make a difference. I highly recommend this to anyone.

– Jennifer

be the best version of you

Empowering people to become their best selves

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